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I Spy Sensory Bottle with Interactive Guide

I Spy Sensory Bottle with Interactive Guide

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I Spy with my little eye something that is ….

Perfect for waiting rooms, car rides, using a calm space and much more! Filled with 10-15 trinkets to search for along with colorful rice. Each bottle is unique, so you’ll never know what you will find! There are many ways to adapt this sensory experience to you or your child! This bottle provides a positive sensory experience in a non-messy way. Perfect for quiet time areas, medical offices, or any other places you need a quick and quiet manipulative. Fits perfectly in a diaper bag or backpack!

Bottles typically contain a combination of puzzle pieces, dominos, bouncy balls, crayons, erasers, animals, shapes, flowers, etc. There's always something interesting to find!

*NEW* Comes with an interactive guide! Your guide will have pictures of what's in your i-spy bottle to check off. They are laminated, so you will be able to use a dry erase marker to search time and time again!

-Bottle does not contain liquid

-Each bottle is 9 inches in height and are securely fastened with adhesive.

-Supervision is recommended with young children

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